why I'm here

Diagnosed with unprecedented type 1 diabetes at the age of 16, after a short period of being very angry and upset, I came to terms with the fact that being for the rest of my life, I better get on with it. In fact once I’d started getting used to the new regime of needles, injections and daily mental math, it arguably gave me a new lease, certainly a new perspective, and I determined with a renewed fervor to pursue the things I love.

All credit to my parents, my first love is travelling. Nowadays I’d probably call it a lifestyle. Yet I’ve met a number of diabetic people who feel that travelling with diabetes, especially for extended periods of time, or in developing countries, simply isn’t feasible.

This blog is a therefore a resource for wanderlustful diabetics as well as a reflection on the places, food and music I encounter along my own travels. Because although it takes a little more forethought, with the right information, preparation and some confidence, you can travel wherever you want, however you want.

travels with Charlie

India | Peru | Chile | Colombia | Ecuador | USA | Hawaii | Turkey | Italy | France | Tanzania | Greece | Czech Republic | Egypt | Kenya | Norway | Spain | Denmark | Slovenia | Holland | Germany | Croatia | Sweden | Slovakia | Belgium | Austria | Brazil

lived in

Chamonix, France | Manchester, England | Berkeley, California | Maui, Hawaii | New Orleans, Louisiana | Manta, Ecuador | Florianopolis, Brasil |